The most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2022


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic that affected thousands of jobs, there is still a labor shortage in many sectors. Many jobs are still in high demand. In this article, we will learn about the most in-demand jobs in Canada in 2022

1. Sales Representative

Sales representatives, also called sales associates in many job offers, are the most sought-after profiles in Canada today. Through their experience, sales representatives become, over time, true experts in the products they sell or offer. They know how to adapt to the most specific needs of an often demanding and diversified clientele.


Several conditions are necessary to perform this job, for example


  • Customer service skills
  • A good level of English
  • Sociability and teamwork
  • Being results-oriented and goal-oriented

2. Driver / Conductor

Transportation is a vital sector in Canada. Whether it is the transportation of goods or people, there are jobs available for all categories of driver's license.


Several conditions are necessary for the exercise of this job in Canada, in particular the obtaining of the driver's license necessary for the category of vehicle which interests you, but also other qualities, of which :


  • Concentration to be on the road several hours a day
  • Interpersonal skills, as you will be talking to customers as an ambassador for your company.
  • Thoroughness, to ensure safe maneuvering and driving.

3. Receptionist


The receptionist plays a central role in a company's environment. Receptionists are often the first ambassadors of a company. Depending on the work environment, he/she may have a role similar to that of the administrative assistant.


For those with a passion for customer service, a career as a receptionist is often recommended. Several requirements are necessary for success:


  • Demonstrate a customer-focused demeanor
  • Attention to detail in handling multiple requests of different nature
  • Familiarity with computer tools and some office software
  • An administrative assistant diploma may be required in some environments

4. Welder


The welder repairs or fabricates parts of any material, following instructions specified in a manual or on plans and specifications. This trade has been experiencing a labour shortage for years and the situation persists. There are many opportunities for advancement. You can become a foreman with experience.


There are several requirements for this trade:


  • Attention to detail to properly assemble parts and read instructions
  • Have a diploma in welding/assembly
  • Have a good speed of execution
  • Be in good physical condition to perform the work

5. Web Developer


Today, any business could use a web developer. The development of applications, websites, and enterprise software is all about code. Mastering computer languages has become an essential skill in technology companies. This profession requires several skills in addition to obtaining an appropriate degree, such as:


  • Possessing skills in several computer languages HTML, JavaScript, Node, PHP...
  • Have the desire to learn and stay up to date
  • Have a good team spirit
  • Accept to work under pressure at times

6. Business Development Manager


More and more companies' sales departments have business development officers, often called sales representatives or under other job titles. The mission is almost the same, as are the required qualities:


  • Bilingualism French/English 
  • Experience in sales
  • Have a concern for customer service
  • A desire to learn continuously

7. Day laborer


We often hear this term used to describe a multi-skilled job, without really knowing what it is. This is normal! A labourer performs many different tasks: cleaning, moving products, maintaining machines, etc. Needless to say, the Canadian job market is in great need of them right now. You should know that this job requires great determination for the following reasons:


  • Be in good physical condition
  • Be able to perform tasks that require a lot of time and energy
  • You must be able to respect a sometimes atypical schedule

8. Project Manager


This is a job that can hide many skills and competences. You are entitled to ask yourself the question: project manager for what? It depends on the company and its field of practice. IT project manager, marketing project manager, development project manager...


The main skill to acquire is project management. You might as well say that coordination and management of a tight schedule are the main requirements for this job. In addition, there are other skills:


  • Working in a team
  • Managing a schedule and a budget
  • Good communication skills
  • A strong sense of organization

9. Mechanic


A true driving force in the construction, engineering and mining sectors, the mechanic ensures the repair and maintenance of all machinery. That's how important they are in the industrial chain. These sectors will undoubtedly remain catalysts for the national economy.


Many qualities are required for this job, among them:


  • To have a DEP in heavy vehicle mechanics
  • Be methodical in order to read plans and assembly specification
  • Be in good health and have good visual acuity

10. Human Resources Manager


Low unemployment rates mean a need for the HR function in companies. The harder it is to find the right qualified candidates, the more specialized people are needed to find them for us. This equation is not lost on the Canadian job market.


Add to that the different contexts made of diversity in the workplace, definition of HR policy and everything that ensures a healthy and safe work environment, studying human resources and specializing in the field is a very good idea for job placement. However, there are certain requirements that you must meet in order to work in this profession:


  • Have an industrial relations or human resources degree
  • Experience in recruitment and knowledge of the recruitment process
  • Excellent ability to work in a team
  • Ability to listen and empathy

11. Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN)


The health care field has been experiencing a labour shortage in Canada for years. Therefore, anyone with a nursing or personal care education is almost guaranteed a quick and stable position in the job market.


Many qualities are required for this job, among them:


  • Possessing a good physical condition to assume atypical schedules
  • Enjoy working with different audiences
  • Sense of responsibility and good judgment in sensitive situations
  • Be autonomous and resourceful

12. Pharmacist


Canada has had a shortage of pharmacists for years. Even though this profession can be very lucrative in terms of salary, it is demanding in terms of studies and sacrifices. To practice it, you must meet several conditions, namely:


  • Have an aptitude for the physical and biological sciences, as the training is demanding
  • Enjoy working with the public, as this profession involves being in constant contact with patients
  • Ability to analyze and synthesize in order to give the right advice and the right medication
  • Initiative to inform the clientele and to ask the right questions

13. Architect


Canada is also experiencing a labour shortage in the construction field. All construction trades are recruiting, especially architects. Architects are responsible for designing and producing plans and specifications for the construction, remodeling and renovation of all kinds of buildings. To work in this occupation, you need the following qualities:


  • An interest and aptitude for mathematics
  • An interest in and an aptitude for science and technical drawing
  • Manual dexterity
  • Analytical skills and good judgment
  • Sense of initiative

14. Graphic designer or graphic artist


The digital professions have been in vogue for years, and graphic designers are increasingly in demand in companies. They establish the needs and ideas of their clients, while suggesting their own ideas. They then conduct research to find images and illustrations that they can use in their project.


Many qualities are required to practice this profession, among them:


  • Aptitudes for drawing
  • Intellectual curiosity to develop new creative ideas
  • Attention to detail, meticulousness and precision
  • Sense of initiative and autonomy
  • Ability to adapt to technological changes


15. Kinesiologist


The kinesiologist works with people using physical activity as a means of rehabilitation or re-education. He or she is responsible for the physical condition of the person, developing a personalized training program according to his or her needs and abilities.


  • Aptitudes for physical and biological sciences
  • Enjoy working with the public and interpersonal skills
  • Analytical skills and good judgment
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Initiative and autonomy

16. Housekeeper


Housekeeping is very important, especially since the pandemic. All offices, businesses, shopping malls and other facilities need workers. As a result, companies are constantly recruiting people for this type of work.

17. Warehouse Worker


There is a great need for skilled workers in the industrial environment to operate and maintain machinery. As a result, companies compete to attract the best talent. There are even international recruitment campaigns to attract and integrate workers from around the world.

18. Marketing Manager


Every company, regardless of its field of activity, needs to make its activities known. This is done through marketing and any other sales or promotional activity. These profiles are currently in high demand. You should ideally be bilingual and have experience with different social media in order to be able to program and manage digital marketing campaigns.



Of course, there are other high demand jobs in Canada. To apply for them, you will need to write a resume and a cover letter and be well prepared for an interview. Good luck to you and know that you can find all the job tips on Jobillico.


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