10 jobs in which people aged 15 and over are recruited


Summer jobs and student jobs are very formative for youth. It is during this time that we learn how to become financially and professionally independent. It is also during this period that we learn more about our soft skills that we can rely on throughout our career.


The labor shortage that affects many sectors such as restaurants, tourism, sales and other fields that recruit young people, pushes recruiters to consider applications from young employees even without experience.

In this article, we will discover the best jobs in which you could work and grow from the age of 14!

Conditions for youth work


Before going any further, some legal clarifications are in order. The CNESST, the organization that governs work rules in Quebec, reminds us of the conditions necessary to work before your 18th birthday.


  • Before you turn 14, you must have parental permission to work
  • The work must not be done during your school hours
  • If you are under 18 and you do not have to go to school, there are no restrictions on your work schedule


So, if you meet all the conditions listed, you can start looking for your next job on Jobillico for example. Here are some keywords that you should include in your job search.


1. Cashier


This is the classic job for young people and one of the most formative. Even though this job is known to be demanding at times, it is very formative. It is in this type of job that you will learn the basics of customer service and hospitality.



2. Barista


If you are a tea and coffee lover, this is the perfect job for you. You could work as part of a team, in a trendy café or in a specialized chain to learn a trade.


In addition to making drinks, you'll be giving advice to customers and helping them choose products. It's a perfect job if you want to develop your social skills and your ability to listen.

3. Waiter or waitress's assistant


Do you like cooking and teamwork? If so, you should look for a job as a waiter or busboy. You'll be responsible for setting up tables and setting them. You'll also clean surfaces and make sure that service runs smoothly.


In addition to discovering the world of restaurants, you will be able to develop your teamwork and organizational skills. Note that in many restaurants, tips are shared and you can make a lot of money in this type of job.

4. Dog walker


If you love animals and especially dogs, you should know that many owners sometimes lack the time to walk their dogs. That's when you offer your services. In addition to walking in parks or having a good time in a dog park, you could make some money.


In your neighbourhood, you may find neighbors who are looking for your services. This way, you will become a reference and can be trusted.


5. Diver



We are not talking about scuba diving, but about diving in restaurants. A dishwasher makes sure that the dishes are clean and washes them. You will play a major role in maintaining the cleanliness and quality standards of a restaurant.


You'll discover the fast-paced world of kitchens and learn about organization and speed.


6. Packer


If you're organized, resourceful and enjoy dealing with customers, many grocery stores are looking for packers.


The job is pretty simple: you have to organize the groceries and put them in bags. All this while keeping your best smile and good mood. 



7. Host/Hostess


A great opportunity if you want to build your experience in hospitality and customer service. Hostesses welcome customers, make sure their needs and reservations are met. They have an important role in managing the dining room and controlling the flow of customers. When a hostess does her job well, the waiters are less overwhelmed and everything runs smoothly in the kitchen. That's how important this position is!



8. Day camp counselor or animator


Are you known for your good humor? You could try your luck and apply to become a day camp counsellor. Many day camps and other facilities are recruiting for the vacations. You will be able to combine business with pleasure: use your good humor and organize fun activities for the children.


You'll be providing a real service to parents and happy children.

9. Lifeguard


If you have your lifeguard certification, now is the time to prove yourself. Pools and other aquatic complexes are looking for lifeguards to supervise and help out when needed.


This is the kind of job that can perfectly combine your free time with your various obligations. You could even keep it up after the summer in several establishments. For job offers, it's here.


10. Homework help


Are you known for your teaching skills? Why not offer your help to students and make their learning easier?


It's often a well-paid job, especially if you gain the trust of the parents. As with babysitting, if they trust you, they will use your services and speak well of you to others. Word of mouth works very well in this case.

If you think this is something for you, don't hesitate to offer your help. Imagine being a partner in a student's success! So rewarding!




If you are old enough to work and have the permission of a parent, all you have to do is open an account on a job site like Jobillico. You can then write a CV and a cover letter to stand out from the other candidates.


Of course, work can be formative, it teaches us to become autonomous, responsible and respectful of several values, but it should not be a constraint or a sacrifice.


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